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Thermage FLX ลดแก้ม ลดเหนียง ยกกระชับ
Thermage FLX

Thermage FLX is a cutting-edge medical technology that utilizes Monopolar Radiofrequency (RF) energy with patented technology

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What’s Thermage FLX?

Thermage FLX is a cutting-edge medical technology that utilizes Monopolar Radiofrequency (RF) energy with patented technology imported by Bausch & Lomb. This system delivers precisely controlled heat energy deep into the true dermal layer, the deepest layer of the skin where the highest concentration of collagen resides. By stimulating and restructuring the collagen while encouraging the production of new collagen, it efficiently lifts facial contours. Additionally, the generated heat energy reaches deep into the subcutaneous fat layer, aiding in dissolving excess fat deposits in facial areas, contributing to a more defined facial structure. Moreover, it helps in achieving smoother skin by reducing the appearance of small pores.

Thermage FLX, the latest model, surpasses its predecessor in several ways:

[F] FASTER: The New Total Tip 4.0 has been developed to release heat energy more efficiently and faster by up to 25%. It covers a larger treatment area, up to 33% more, compared to the 3.0 tip model.

[L] ALGORITHM: Utilizing AccuREPTM Technology, it measures the skin's impedance automatically (Automatic Skin Impedance Measurement) before delivering energy in every shot. This allows the energy to be adjusted for each individual and area during real-time treatment. This ensures consistent energy delivery to the skin, enhancing the treatment's effectiveness and safety significantly.

[X] EXPERIENCE: It offers a more comfortable treatment experience by incorporating a cooling effect and a vibrating energy tip to prevent skin burning and reduce discomfort.

Advanced Comfort Pulse Technology is an operational system that enhances relaxation of the skin throughout the treatment. This technology ensures that individuals undergoing the procedure do not feel any pain or discomfort. It utilizes Multi-Directional Vibration, which physicians can adjust to suit each person's specific skin condition. This system collaborates with the Thermage Cool system, which provides a cooling effect to protect the surface of the skin, while also promoting the efficient and deep transmission of Thermage energy, leading to highly effective results.

Thermage FLX is suitable for:

1. Individuals with excess fat accumulation in facial areas like cheeks and under the chin.

2. Those desiring facial skin tightening and a more contoured face.

3. People experiencing sagging and lack of firmness in facial, neck, abdomen, upper arms, and back of hands.

4. Individuals with cellulite problems around the thighs and buttocks.

5. Those facing skin texture issues.

6. Individuals seeking to rejuvenate skin structure by promoting collagen production, leading to long-lasting firmness and a youthful appearance.

During Thermage FLX treatment:

1. The physician will periodically ask about your heat sensation to adjust the energy level for optimal results tailored to each individual.

2. The treatment usually takes about 45 minutes.

3. The suitable treatment method is highly safe, with a 99% safety rate. Possible side effects may include slight swelling, redness, small water blisters, lumpiness on the skin, or occasionally uneven skin texture. However, these side effects are usually minimal and tend to resolve without any complications.

4. After the treatment, there won't be any significant pain. There might be slight pinkish skin for approximately 1 hour. Any swelling usually subsides on the same day. You can resume normal activities, apply makeup, and use skincare products immediately after the treatment (No Social Downtime).

Results from Thermage FLX treatments can be categorized into different levels based on the satisfaction of the individual receiving the treatment:

1. **Subtle Results**: The person undergoing treatment might see some visible changes, such as smoother skin texture and minor alterations in facial contours.

2. **Dramatic Results**: Individuals undergoing this treatment might witness significant changes like notably smoother skin and visibly improved tightening and contouring, such as a more defined facial structure.

The outcomes of the treatment often have an immediate visible impact due to the stimulation of existing collagen and continued results from the creation of new collagen. The strengthened collagen assists in slowing down the natural aging process of the skin.

Improvements in the skin condition continue gradually. The results typically start to show within 2-3 months post-treatment and can last for approximately 1-2 years. The sustainability of these results may vary depending on skin characteristics, lifestyle, and the aging process unique to each individual.

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